Handmade English leather bridles, reins and other saddlery. Each piece of tack is hand crafted and hand stitched, not a machine in sight! We use traditional stitching methods to ensure our tack is the strongest and of the highest quality it can be. This link will illustrate why double hand stitch is stronger than machine stitching.
Finished to the highest standards, you can be sure that our tack is the best money can buy. 

Sizing - Makers of English leather dog collars, lurcher/whippet/hound collars, leads and other leather accessories
All of our leather collars are made to order and tailored to each individual dog.

Your collar will be made specifically for your dog so we are able to design a collar for you if you need something a little different. Contact us on 01545 580970 or sales@vauxandjames.co.uk to discuss your requirements.