Leather is a natural material and will only get better with age if cared for properly.
Your collar/lead require very little maintenance:
    • If it gets dirty/muddy, wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow it to dry naturally. Do not place it near any direct heat or the leather could dry out and crack.
    • If your collar/lead does seem dry, use a leather soap/conditioner to bring it back to life, please see our website for our recommended product. 
    • If your collar/lead comes into contact with salty water, wash it in clean water as soon as possible and allow it to dry naturally, as above. Salt water can badly damage the stitching. 
If your leather product has become wet, apply a small amount of Uncle Alf's Leather feed once it has dried.
    NOTE: The edges of the leather will be stained with natural dyes that may run when they are used the first few times.
    Our collars and leads are made from very high quality materials but as leather is a natural material that is affected by many factors we highly recommend that for your pet's safety you examine collars and leads regularly for any signs of wear and tear.
    Sizing - Makers of English leather dog collars, lurcher/whippet/hound collars, leads and other leather accessories
    All of our leather collars are made to order and tailored to each individual dog.

    Your collar will be made specifically for your dog so we are able to design a collar for you if you need something a little different. Contact us on 01545 580970 or sales@vauxandjames.co.uk to discuss your requirements.