Vegetable Tanning Leather

July 15, 2016

Vegetable Tanning Leather

STAGE 1 – PREPARATION - takes around 10 days


  • Hides are weighed, opened up, inspected & then soaked in a water pit for 24 hrs
  • Placed in a de-hairing pit for a further 24 hrs - this softens and remaining hair
  • Hides are then placed in a solution of lime for 6 days - this opens up the fibres, dissolves proteins and swells the hides
  • Hair, scud and surplus flesh is removed
  • The hides, are sorted, graded, split and rounded (cut up into butts, shoulders and bellies) as necessary
  • Deliming: Lime is removed and enzymes added to cleanse grain




STAGE 2 – TANNAGE  - Can take 13 to 16 months


  • The pelts are soaked in the tanning liquors in a succession of ‘pits’, each containing a stronger liquor than the last.
  • Tanning liquors are made up of carefully selected blends of vegetable tanning materials (e.g oak bark).
  • The exact composition, strength, acidity and temperature of the liquors are carefully controlled.
  • Washed 
  • Depending on the leather type, hides may go through other processes such as drum dying & fatliqoring


STAGE 3 – SHEDDING - takes 4 to 6 weeks


  • The tanned pelts are passed through a mangle to remove excess water 
  • They are then stretched, set and dried
  • Once dried, the leather is ready to go through a number of machines including a roll press and shaver








  • The dressing and finishing of leather depends on the final finish of leather desired.
  • Various process can be carried out such as oiling, feeding, hand dying, buffing and spray finishing.



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