Dog ID Tags

July 05, 2016

Dog ID Tags


vaux & James are pleased to announce that we now sell dog IDs. Just 'Tag' on to your dog collar order!

Choose from, 24c gold plated, breed lasered, name plates and traditional brass:


We also have a select of Swarovski Crystal Tags:


We also have a leather collar with an ID plate incorporated into its design, for those dogs that just seem to lose their tags:

This collar was designed for our dalmatian, Lilly, who seems to lose her tags!

Sizing - Makers of English leather dog collars, lurcher/whippet/hound collars, leads and other leather accessories
All of our leather collars are made to order and tailored to each individual dog.

Your collar will be made specifically for your dog so we are able to design a collar for you if you need something a little different. Contact us on 01545 580970 or to discuss your requirements.